• fiki — Wiktionnaire

    fiki — Wiktionnaire

    Espéranto: ·(Vulgaire) Baiser, niquer, foutre (avoir des relations sexuelles)
  • Fiki Sports, Flick It & Kick It Sports

    Fiki Sports, Flick It & Kick It Sports

    Fiki Sports : - Original Fiki Football Old School Fiki Football NFL Fiki Football College Fiki Football Fiki Hockey Fiki Golf Custom Fikis Fiki Basketball Fiki Soccer ...
  • Urban Dictionary: Fiki

    Urban Dictionary: Fiki

    A Legend among stories, it is said that one fiki is born every 2,000 years. The description of a Fiki is someone who will not take no for an answer during sexual ...
  • Urban Dictionary: Fiki-Fiki

    Urban Dictionary: Fiki-Fiki

    n. Greek synonim for sex a nick name for a person who has a lot of sex
  • Fiki全部商品 - Yahoo! 奇摩拍賣

    Fiki全部商品 - Yahoo! 奇摩拍賣

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