• Hardware Compatibility Under Linux -
    Welcome! After a long haitus, I’ve decided to bring back in a new, more relevant form. originally launched in 1998 as user ...
  • Linux Hardware

    Linux Hardware is down for now. I plan to get the original content back up in some static form at a later time. If there is a problem or you need something that ...
  • - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists ... - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists ...

    Directory of Resources for Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists and Linux Drivers: Video, Audio, Network, Internet, Printer, Scanner, USB, Notebooks and more
  • Is my hardware Linux-compatible? Find out here |

    Is my hardware Linux-compatible? Find out here |

    By Bruce Byfield True, hardware support for GNU/Linux has improved greatly in the last decade. Today you can pick out any computer system and stand a ...
  • Hardware |

    Hardware |

    In complementing this week's Linux review of the AMD Radeon R9 285 and follow-up articles with some extra GPU scaling tests and Catalyst AI Linux benchmarks, here's ...
  • Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

    Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

    This document attempts to list most of the hardware known to be either supported or unsupported under Linux.

    The Linux-Hardware-Guide provides a data base of hardware and investigates the Linux compatibility of the equipment.
  • » GNU/Linux on old hardware » GNU/Linux on old hardware is a general Linux vortal featuring: comparisons of GNU/Linux and BSD systems, distro chooser, reviews and articles on free software, first steps in ...
  • Guide pratique de la compatibilité matérielle avec Linux

    Guide pratique de la compatibilité matérielle avec Linux

    Ce document tente de donner une liste de l'ensemble du matériel réputé compatible ou non avec Linux.

    Information and resources about the Linux Operating System.
  • Linux display information about installed hardware

    Linux display information about installed hardware

    You need to use command called lsdev. It gathers information about your computer's installed hardware from the interrupts, ioports and dma files in the /proc ...
  • Linux Hardware Guide

    Linux Hardware Guide

    Der Linux-Hardware-Guide bietet eine Datenbank aktueller Hardware und untersucht und bewertet diese auf seine Linux-Kompatibilität in Testberichten.
  • - Página Inicial - Página Inicial

    Notícias, dicas, análises e artigos. Livros online, downloads, tutorias, linux e kurumin.


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