• KLEENEX - nice

    support independent music productions: english-language infos plus lyrics see below
  • Cursed Kleenex Commercial Changing At Midnight (WARNING - SCARY!)

    UPDATE: A big thanks to the following videos and articles that helped make this video go viral! You guys are awesome : DrossRotzank:
  • Japanese baby ogre kleenex commercial

    This is the infamous Kleenex commercial from 1986 that viewed in Japan, and is the subject of a popular urban legend where everyone involved in the
  • Kleenex - Ain't You

    Swiss female post-punk/new wave band active from 1978 to
  • Tiny Miracles

    A grateful group of parents and their children show a beloved NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia how much her loving care was
  • Kleenex - Hedi's Head (1978)
  • Oldelaf - Kleenex

    « Kleenex» extrait de l'album « Dimanche » disponible sur itunes : En concert au Zénith de Paris le 29 novembre 2014
  • A Caring Chorus

    We all have a voice inside, and the best teachers help us find One group of students took the time to recognize their chorus teacher with a performance she'll
  • Miniature doll Tissue or Kleenex box (actually works) tutorial DIY - YolandaMeow♡

    Enjoy learning how to make a mini Tissue or Kleenex box with tiny tissues inside, to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse, just for or because you
  • Unlikely Best Friends

    A man finds companionship in a dog that faces the same struggles as he By giving him a chance, the two overcome life's obstacles
  • Kleenex/LiLiPUT - Hitch-Hike

    La Donna Nel Mondo (1963)
  • Kleenex - You / Ü

    Both sides of the last single the band made under their original Afterwards vocalist Regula Sing left the band and they renamed to
  • Kleenex - 'Beri Beri' + 'Nice' (1978)

    Regula Sing (vocals) Marlene Marder (Marlene Marti, guitar, vocals) Klaudia Schiff (Klaudia Schifferle, bass, vocals) Lislot Ha (Lieselotte Hafner, drums, vocals)




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