• Xion - The Keyhole: Ye Olde Kingdom Hearts Fansite
    Xion is the fourteenth member of Organization XIII, first appearing in the game Kingdom Hearts...
  • Xion Audio Player

    Xion Audio Player

    An innovative approach to skinning. Never write a single line of code again. Design and build directly from within Photoshop. Xion Audio Player is an ultra light and ...
  • Xion - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

    Xion - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

    During the battle, Roxas and Xion are transported to Wonderland, Halloween Town, and Agrabah, before returning to Twilight Town. In each world, Xion absorbs power ...
  • Xion - Disney Wiki

    Xion - Disney Wiki

    Xion is the Rank XIV member of the original Organization XIII, and appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as one of the main protagonists and main antagonists (albeit ...
  • The New XionUSA

    The New XionUSA

    03/15/13 Xion new gaming series, XON 985 Black with Blue LED. Features include 2x Front USB 3.0, Front Hot-Swap dock for easy access to HDD and SDD, HD audio, Top ...
  • XION


    ©2003 - 2011 Xion Ltd ...
  • Xion - Creating Ideas That Work

    Xion - Creating Ideas That Work

    Xion was born from ideals; the ideal to create, the ideal for impact and the ideal to progress. Being an agency born in the digital age, we have our dreams and ideas ...
  • Xion PG

    Xion PG

    Xion PG pursues excellence by staying on top of the developments in the field of body protection worldwide.
  • Urban Dictionary: Xion

    Urban Dictionary: Xion

    Xion is the new character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. She is No. XIV in the Orginization and wields a keyblade like Roxas does. She can command the power ...


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